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Menggambar AKANE KUROKAWA dari #OshiNoKo | Epic Timelapse | 超絶タイムラプス | Sirius Sketchbook #4

9 ViewsNov 23, 2023

Drawing Akane Kurokawa from Oshi No Ko. 00:00 Intro 00:02 Prolog - Preparation 00:29 Sketch (Epic Timelapse) 02:28 Result 02:38 Epilog - Thank You 03:16 Outro _____________________ 📼 Sirius Sketchbook is content that shows the process of my drawing from sketches until the inking/lineart part. It's not necessarily a tutorial video, it's just an epic timelapse and narration asmr.
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i can't😭

i can't😭