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🇨🇳Love Has Fireworks (2023) TEASER TRAILER

141.7K ViewsAug 2, 2023

DETAILS Title: 爱情有烟火 / Ai Qing You Yan Huo English title: Love Has Fireworks Genre: Metropolitan, workplace, romance Episodes: 35 Broadcast period: 2024 SYNOPSIS Qian Fei, an investment bank employee, was originally immersed in the happiness of planning her future life, but unexpectedly, her fiance Wang Ruohai chose not to walk with her anymore. From then on, Qian Fei was forced to embark on the arduous journey of re-planning her life and career. Rich second-generation heir Li Yifei wanted to make a career, and only regarded love as a kind of icing on the cake. His girlfriend Gui Lili couldn't live a life without money and left him. Under the teasing of fate, Qian Fei and Li Yifei, who have completely different outlooks on life and love, gradually come to an intersection. In order to repay the mortgage, Qian Fei rented out a room Li Yifei, and since then started a shared life with him. Faced with Li Yifei, who is completely opposite to her, Qian Fei, with the help of friends, family, and colleagues, bravely faces difficulties and contradictions with an uncompromising and aggressive heart, and grows quickly.
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