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Bocchi the Rock! Movie - Offiical Trailer

1.4K ViewsMay 21, 2023

Bocchi the Rock! Theatrical compilation will be screened in the spring of 2024. Into the Light" / Yuzoku Band Item number: SVWC-70620 Release date: May 24 (Wed.) Price: 1,320 yen (1,200 yen without tax) Specifications: 1 CD, limited first-run edition Included songs: 1. Into the Light 2. blue spring and western sky Hikari no Nakaeru -instrumental- 4. Blue Spring and Western Sky -instrumental- ◆Advance distribution starts at midnight on May 22 (Mon.)! Distribution URL: https://anxmusic.lnk.to/9Dh66O Limited first edition privilege Bandage band LIVE-Hengsei-Package stage pass style sticker Please note that the contents and special offers are subject to change without notice. Please be forewarned that the contents and benefits are subject to change without notice. *Please check the website for details on store special offers, etc. https://bocchi.rocks/music/cd.html Bandage playlist https://anxmusic.lnk.to/LReTY7 Synopsis                                                                            Goto Hitori, aka "Bokuchi-chan," is a lonely girl who loves to play the guitar. She spent her days playing alone at home, but then by chance She joins the "Band of Unity" led by Nijika Ijichi. Goto is not used to performing in front of others, but will she be able to become a great band member? Official website: bocchi.rocks  Official Twitter: @BTR_anime Official Instagram: @BTR_isosta
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