Hello There Episode 4 [Eng Sub]

2.3K Ditonton01/02/2023

Drama: Hello There (2023) Tang Bu Yan, the eccentric head of the Tang family is looking for the foretold "destined person", said to have a mole at the corner of his eye, who will help unravel the problem of her family's bloodline. By coincidence she meets Li Cheng Xi, the cool and elegant head of the Xuanqi sect, and they find themselves embarking on a hilarious journey together in search of the man with the teardrop mole, all while fighting monsters, cultivating friendships, and finding love along the way. Adapted from the web novel "Zui Dao Xu Deng Jun Lai Fu" (醉倒需等君来扶) by Ni Shi Yi (倪十一 ).
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