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🇨🇳EP1 Practice Daughter 2024

10.8K ViewsMay 20, 2024

A skilled thief becomes the noble lady and win over the cool crown prince. As the daughter of the Prime Minister, Mei Yushan exchanges her life with Douzi, a skilled thief. With very different personalities and identities, they spark many hilarious stories in the process of exchanging their lives. How will Mei Yushan win over Nangong Yao, the Crown Prince of Jixi Kingdom, by showing a different charm as an "overbearing thief"? Will the cool and obsessive-compulsive Crown Prince be able to break the prophecy made by the National Master, Bai Ye, which predicts the crown prince's love will lead to the annihilation of Jixi Kingdom? Can he ultimately fulfill his responsibilities to both his country and his beloved? Genres: Historical, Romance, Comedy, Fantasy, Body Swap Episodes: 24 Aired: May 20, 2024
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