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The Dam Busters (1955)

187 ViewsMay 12, 2024

A classic World War II drama, THE DAM BUSTERS combines authenticity with compelling, emotion- charged acting to recreate the actual bombing raids of the key strategic locations of the Moehne and Eder dams. The story concentrates on the people directly involved - the bombers assigned to carry out the mission, and the inventor of the specialized bomb needed to fulfill the task. The Royal Air Force was without an appropriate type of bomb to complete such a delicate bombing raid, until Dr. Barnes Wallis was commissioned to participate in the planning. Through trial and error, and countless meetings with military and reconnaissance experts, Dr. Wallis finally perfects the invention of a bomb that can skim the surface of the water then sink against the dam wall and destroy its foundations completely. A shattering climax involves bomber crew members willing to sacrifice their lives, and the scientist who must rationalize his involvement with the creation of the tools of war and destruction.
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