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[Invincible Stepmother] (Full) | Martial Artist Widowed with Three Kids after Time Travel | YOUKU

4.2K ViewsApr 23, 2024

Watch the full episode on YOUKU international APP if you're from the following regions: Thailand; Indonesia; Vietnam; Malaysia; Singapore; Philippines; Hong Kong, China; Macau, China; Taiwan, China. Welcome to download YOUKU international APP to stream "Invincible Stepmother" anywhere with multi subtitles. Join the membership of YOUKU international APP, and you will also have the access to more member-only episodes ahead of time! [Invincible Stepmother 当家小娘子] Chi Yue, an actress, is unexpectedly transported to ancient times due to a mysterious celestial event. She becomes a young widow, residing in the town of Xikong and raising three young stepsons and stepdaughters. Chi Yue works to strengthen her bond with the children while seeking justice against cruel relatives who mistreat them. Utilizing her knowledge of the modern world, Chi Yue starts her own tavern, earning enough to ensure a comfortable life for her children and even purchase a new home. While navigating through numerous crises, Chi gradually realizes that the devious mastermind behind it may be her late husband's sibling, Li Yi. ★Starring: Jin Meichen/Chen Junyu/Zhu Binyu/Mo Zixuan/Ye Quanxi
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