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ENGSUB【染指 Indulgence】FULL | Push-And-Pull Game Between A Playboy And A Playgirl | YOUKU Mini Drama

2.0K ViewsMar 1, 2024

染指 Indulgence】一对原本青梅竹马的男女却因一场车祸彼此错过,多年后重逢之时却成为异父异母的姐弟。两人从相互试探到极限拉扯,在爱情与可能存在的世仇中纠缠挣扎。抽丝剥茧之后,携手揭露了那场车祸的真相,有情人终成眷属。 A man and a woman, who were childhood sweethearts, missed each other due to a car accident. Years later, they meet again, only to find out they have become step-siblings, sharing different fathers and mothers. Their relationship evolves from mutual testing to extreme tension, entangled in a struggle between love and potential family enmity. After unraveling the complexities, they join hands to uncover the truth behind the car accident, and eventually, the lovers are united.
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