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You Made My Dawn (2023) /Yoru ga Aketara, Ichiban ni Kimi ni Ai ni Iku [Jmovie]

35.9K ViewsJan 13, 2024

Movie: You Made My Dawn (2023) Romaji: Yoru ga Aketara, Ichiban ni Kimi ni Ai ni Iku Summary Seiji Fukagawa (Ruki Shiroiwa) is a high school student with silver color hair. He is is free-spirited and fond of painting. He tells people exactly what he thinks, but he also has a mysterious side. His classmate is Akane Niwa (Rinka Kumada). Akane Niwa is a model student who always wears a face mask. At first, she doesn’t like Seiji Fukagawa, but she is attracted by Seiji Fukagawa’s painting and his blunt personality. They get close with each other and they both have their own secret they can’t tell anyone.
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