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The File of Young Kindaichi (1997 ) Episode 29

108 ViewsNov 30, 2023

Kenmochi discovers that Captain Takamori and Navigator Wakaouji as well as several of the other crew members were commanding officers on the Oriental cruise ship which sank after colliding with an oil tanker 3 years earlier. They were rivals but the collision ruined both their careers forcing them to pilot their current ship. That night, Wakaouji is poisoned and his body is thrown overboard. They find a suicide note in Morse code saying he had terminal cancer and that he killed Takamori and Mizuzaki. However, when they rush to Mizuzaki's station in the wheelhouse, they find Kanou dead there instead, poisoned from the booby trapped steering wheel. Mizuzaki had slept in that morning. Meanwhile, passenger Yu Tokihara decides to commit suicide and jumps from the ship, sending her regards to the Ghost Captain. However, Hajime jumps in to save her.
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