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A Returner's Magic Should Be Special EP07 (Link in the Description)

35.2K ViewsNov 18, 2023

Watch A Returner's Magic Should Be Special EP07 : https://anime4you.xyz/episodes/a-returners-magic-should-be-special-1x7/ Shadow Realms have ravaged the earth, leaving scarce survivors. The responsibility of ensuring humanity's future now falls on the shoulders of only six mages, and among them is Desir Herrman, a pragmatic fighter. These few heroic figures launch a final, daring mission to put an end to the ghastly conflict, but their attempts seem to be in vain. As Desir braces himself to accept his inevitable fate, he suddenly wakes up to find himself catapulted back in time by thirteen years! With a second chance at hand, Desir is determined to retrieve his lost loved ones, reconnect with his companions, and ultimately save the world from its misery.
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