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Lean on rich beauty | S1 | EP 1-59 | I am stronger than everyone here

1.4K ViewsNov 15, 2023

Exciting dramas, counterattacks, funny, pretentious slaps in the face, urban superpowers, time travel, rebirth in another world, share more high-scoring anime every day! If you like anime, please follow to us~ 【Story Introduction】 Lin Xuan crosses over to the world of immortal cultivation and gets a handsome face and the cultivation of Yuan Ying, which he thought would be favored, but he is not as good as a dog in this world and is walking around as a monk. The first time he was discarded, the unparalleled beauty and unpredictable strength of the sect's elder, Li Youqing, appeared and took him under her tutelage, causing everyone to sigh. Lin Xuan firmly cling to the thigh of the master, with a speed far beyond the normal speed of rapid growth, face a number of people who despise themselves. As Lin Xuan's realm gradually ascends, more secrets of this seemingly ordinary world of immortal cultivation are revealed to him, and his master, Li Youqing, has another unknown identity ......
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