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Berserk of Gluttony S01.EP05 (Link in the Description)

35.4K ViewsOct 29, 2023

Watch Berserk of Gluttony S01.EP05 : https://anime4you.xyz/episodes/berserk-of-gluttony-1x5/ Fate Barbatos is no stranger to feeling powerless because of being born with the magical ability of Gluttony, which always leaves him unsatisfied. He has faced constant ridicule and rejection in life due to this. Nonetheless, everything changes when he comes across the real power of Gluttony while working as a gatekeeper for a noble family and confronts a trespassing thief. Fate realizes that by killing someone, he can absorb their abilities, finally satisfying his insatiable desire. With this newfound understanding, Fate becomes brave enough to pursue his maximum potential. The question now is how many lives he will consume to satiate his hunger, and whether the world can withstand the fear-inspiring warrior he will transform into.
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