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THE STORY OF FENGZHI SENLA {Watch all episodes 1 - 20 : link in description}

911 ViewsOct 13, 2023

THE STORY OF FENGZHI SENLA {Watch all episodes 1 - 20} The precursor of the storm is about to shake the entire Wind Continent. A wedding with a lot of inside information has attracted people from all walks of life, making Xianluo City a wrestling field for the seven major sects to fight openly and secretly. The ambitious Lancelot, the outstanding swordsman Hanajiro, the mysterious and wise Kogoro, and Snow who fishes in troubled waters, ride this undercurrent, either intentionally or unintentionally, by fate, they gather in Xianluo city, and together they set off the continent of shocking wind of gigantic waves. Watch all Episodes 1 - 20 for free : https://adfoc.us/8321061
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The Story of Fengzhi Senla
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The Story of Fengzhi Senla

Novel adaptation / Hot-blooded