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My Hero Academia Season 02 Episode 06 – The Boy Born with Everything In Hindi Dub

223 ViewsSep 26, 2023

The Boy Born with Everything (全てを持って生まれた男の子 Subete o Motte Umareta Otoko no Ko?) is the nineteenth episode of the My Hero Academia anime and the sixth episode of the second season. Summary Shoto Todoroki brings Izuku to the Student and Faculty Entrance, but his reason is unknown to Izuku. Izuku says that they should get lunch before they run out of time, but Shoto continues his cold intimidation and ignores him. When Shoto finally speaks, he says the power that came from Izuku during the Cavalry Battle was the same as All Might. Then, much to Izuku's shock, Shoto asks if he is All Might's "secret love child". Izuku attempts to explain that isn't the case, but Shoto figures out that there is a secret connection between the two. Shoto states that he is the son of the Number 2 Hero, Endeavor, giving him even more reason to defeat Izuku. Meanwhile, the two top Pro Heroes meet on a set of stairs. Endeavor tries to ignore All Might, but All Might pursues him. He compliments Endeavor for his son's performance and asks for tips on how to train the heroes of the future. However, Endeavor refuses and only replies that Shoto will usurp All Might as the top hero one day. Shoto explains to Izuku that Endeavor is obsessed with defeating All Might, and although he was never able to do it, he is still trying to. Endeavor used his money to buy out Rei Todoroki's family to implement a Quirk marriage with the intent of creating a powerful child; eventually, Shoto was born. He reveals that Endeavor only created him to annex All Might as the number one hero and that all the memories of his mother are of her crying. He also says that his mother called his left side unbearable before pouring boiling water on his face, which brought a horrified expression to Izuku's face. The reason Shoto has picked a fight with Izuku is that he wishes to show his father that he can win the festival without using his fire ability.
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