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First Love of a Royal Prince (2004) Episode 7 [English Subs] HD

185 ViewsJun 12, 2023

Synopsis: Kim Yu-bin (Sung Yu-ri) is a fun-loving, affable sandwich shop delivery girl who has been harboring a crush on the recipient of her first delivery, Cha Seung-hyun (Kim Nam-jin). Seung-hyun, a well pedigreed and recognized manager of Any Electronics, stands in stark contrast to Choi Gun-hee (Cha Tae-hyun), a spoiled heir skipping out on school in the United States unbeknownst to his father. Yu-bin wins a trip to a ski resort in Japan and decides to visit her friend Shin Ye-seo (Jennie Lee) who works as a guide there, one of several owned by Gun-hee's father. That weekend, Gun-hee sneaks off to the same resort to celebrate his birthday with friends and latest fling, Lee Hae-mi (Jin Jae-young), an actress and rising star. Gun-hee's father's unexpected visit to Japan forces Gun-hee to jump into Yu-bin's cab without his wallet which leads to a full day together for this already contentious pair. After an unsuccessful stint as secretary for Seung-hyun, Yu-bin finally gets to work her dream job as a tour guide in Bali, only it's alongside her unwanted acquaintance, Gun-hee. When Seung-hyun and Hae-mi travel there to shoot a commercial for a new Any Electronics product launch, strong feelings of attachment and rivalry surface. Meanwhile, a 30-year-old but unforgotten past between Gun-hee's father and Seung-hyun's mother complicates matters. Starring: Sung Yu-ri Cha Tae-hyun Kim Nam-jin Jin Jae-young
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