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Mashle Dub Episode 2 English

2.5K ViewsJun 3, 2023

"Mash Burnedead and the Mysterious Maze" Brad provides Mash a fake Mark so he can attend Easton Academy’s entrance exam. Examiner Claude dislikes Mash, mistaking his airheadedness for laziness. Mash passes the magical demonstrations, confusing Claude that Mash can somehow lift boulders and run on water without using spells. For the last test the applicants must escape a trap filled maze. Mash encounters Lemon, a shy girl who sabotages Mash on purpose. Lemon is confronted by a monster but Mash saves her, reassures her, then escapes the maze by simply smashing through the walls. Lemon, having mistaken Mash’s reassurance and kindness as a marriage proposal, reveals Claude took advantage of her poverty to force her to sabotage Mash. Claude is disciplined by Headmaster Wahlberg who gives Mash a test of resolve; falsely suggesting Regro would die if he failed. Mash allows himself to be injured to save Regro, passing the exam. Mash meets his roommate Finn, who is wary of someone as odd as Mash, but does helpfully explain that to become a Divine Visionary Mash must collect the most reward coins among their year group by consistently scoring the highest on exams, research projects, club activities and even popularity with classmates.
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