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Of course you don't know her 💔💔😢😢

76 ViewsMay 31, 2023

My favorite quote, it tells the story of a man who has experienced life passing on his knowledge that no matter what happens or how bad a day is. It’s just a small ripple in a massive pond. No matter how bad one day may be the next is going to be harder, and that’s okay. It’s the human experience to not always have the perfect day, so when you look back you can say, “yeah my life is pretty good) etc etc Men, please don’t value yourself less just because you don’t have a gilfriend. Society taught us that we need to have something, or achieve something to be valid. You don’t. Doing the best you can is enough. Being lonely doesn’t mean you are worth less, or more than others. Learn to cry sometimes, it really helps, and isn’t shameful - it’s natural. It’s what your body needs. I sadly see that men are less supportive as friends, due to how society had raised them. I can share my depression and suicidal thoughts with my girl friends, we cry together, but men tend to laugh shit off and drink, which isn’t a healthy coping mechanism. Even if your „friends” laugh at you when you cry, don’t be ashamed, give your body what it needs. It will get better, i promise.
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