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WINNER’s Dingo Bingo Trip, 2019 - 19th of October, 2019. The story of 1,890th Day from the moment of WINNER’s Debut. Celebrating 6 years together since WINNER’s debut, Dingo Music takes WINNER out for a healing day in the BiNGO Trip in October 2019 and broadcast in November-December of the year. This was their last variety show together as a group, before WINNER went into hiatus as the elder members of the group, Jinwoo and Seunghoon enlisted in the military in 2020. WINNER is given a grid of activities to be completed to hit Bingo! so that they can win prizes. The fun activities range from talking with teeth not showing to a fashion walk to wearing hanboks and relaxing over a BBQ dinner. Take it easy Yoga and meditation to Mino’s Fear was one of the highlights of the comic show! But what really makes this show a must-watch is the beautiful and emotional black and white photoshoot they have. Remembering their roots, the days they have come since debut and who they are, WINNER takes a heart-warming, happy ‘Family picture’ to remember their memories. In fact, Seungyoon when asked, ‘Who he is right now?,’ thinks hard before responding with, ‘Kang Seungyoon right now is WINNER.’ He writes a touching letter to his fellow band-mates touching about the upcoming hiatus and how grateful he is to be with them. To my members, As we take portraits today, I really wanted to leave myself this moment. While you guys were taking portraits, I tried to think really hard about who I am, and the answer was “WINNER”. We are about to have a blank period (hiatus) which we are not sure about how long it will be. But, for me… all the time, members telling me to be together forever, I am really… really… I am very grateful. - Seungyoon’s message to WINNER members Dingo Bingo Trip, 2019 Casts: WINNER - YOON, JINU, HOONY, MINO
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