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A whole new suffering 🤧#manhwa

2.6K ViewsMay 5, 2023

I am the greatest.'I'm the best.'I am the best!'Superior lineage, superior ability, superior appearance, superior popularity.Arbella, who lived in her own world as a perfect princess, had a strange dream one day.Her half-sister Judith, who is born from a s*ave, is the heroine of this world.That she is destined to lose everything and have a miserable end after touching forbidden magic!It's ridiculous that I'm a loser in life!'Seeing the future, Arbella decided.From now on, I'm not going to live a good life I will start preparing in advance to succeed in forbidden magic, which is going to fail in the future."Gerard, if you want to get out of this place, take my hand.""Judith, tell me what you want to do, I'll take care of it all."Wouldn't it be better to have my younger sister beside me who will become my enemy in the future?However, it makes me proud to see the kids while they're growing up.
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