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The Weakest Tamer Began a Journey to Pick Up Trash - Official Trailer

3.1K ViewsMay 3, 2023

A TV anime is scheduled to air in 2024, and the popular work "The Weakest Tamer Begins His Journey of Trash Pickup" has sold over 750,000 copies (total of novels and comics in the series). The new visuals and promotional video for "The Weakest Tamer Started a Journey of Garbage Pickup," which is scheduled to air in 2024. Along with this, two lead cast members were announced. The main character, Ivy, will be played by Aina Suzuki, and her partner, Sora, the "weakest crumbling slime," will be played by Mutatsushin Tamura. Ivy is a timid and gentle tamer reincarnated as a girl, and Sora is the weakest crumbled slime that she can tame. This heartwarming survival fantasy, in which these two adorable creatures will captivate your heart, will now open!
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