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Family: The Unbreakable Bond Teaser 2 | Jang Hyuk, Jang Na Ra & Chae Jung An | K-Drama TV

7.4K ViewsApr 2, 2023

Drama: Family: The Unbreakable Bond Revised romanization: Family Hangul: 패밀리 Director: Jang Jung-Do, Lee Jung-Mook Writer: Jung Yoo-Sun Network: tvN Episodes: 12 Release Date: April 17, 2023 -- Runtime: Monday & Tuesday 20:50 Language: Korean Country: South Korea Kwon Do-Hoon (Jang Hyuk) is married to Kang Yoo-Ra (Jang Na-Ra). He is a secret agent for the NIS (National Intelligence Service) and a veteran sniper with a quick and highly accurate shot. By day, he disguises himself as an ordinary employee for a trading company. Even his wife Kang Yoo-Ra believes he holds an ordinary office job. Kwon Do-Hoon is busy with his work, so he is unable to spend much time with Kang Yoo-Ra. Nevertheless, he loves his wife more than anything else. Meanwhile, Kang Yoo-Ra always dreamed of having a perfect family. She met Kwon Do-Hoon and married him. She works as a housewife and does it well, but she has a secret that nobody knows about. Tae-Koo (Kim Nam-Hee) appears in front of Kwon Do-Hoon and Kang Yoo-Ra. His appearance shakes the peaceful life of Kwon Do-Hoon and Kang Yoo-Ra.
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