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A Business Proposal. in Hindi Episode12. Toplist Drama

20.2K ViewsMar 11, 2023

Shin Ha-ri (Kim Se-jeong) goes on a blind date after she agrees to replace her friend, Jin Young-seo (Seol In-ah), whose father had arranged it. The plan is to have Ha-ri 'getting rejected' by her prospective partner. However, it goes awry when her date turns out to be Kang Tae-moo (Ahn Hyo-seop), CEO of Go Food, the company where Ha-ri works. Tae-moo, who is being pressured by his grandfather Kang Da-goo (Lee Deok-hwa), the chairman of Go Food's parent company, to go on blind dates with suitable marriage partners, decides to marry his blind date partner to avoid going on the rest of the dates, without knowing she is the fake Jin Young-seo or that she is his employee, which she assiduously tries to hide. However, Ha-ri's fake identity, but thankfully not her employment status, is soon exposed after the real Jin Young-seo gets into a parking accident with Cha Sung-hoon (Kim Min-kyu), Tae-moo's secretary, who was acting as Tae-moo's driver at that moment. After Ha-ri's identity is exposed, Young-seo tricks Ha-ri into meeting with Tae-moo at his request. When he asks for her real name, Ha-ri lies and says that her name is Shin Geum-hui (the same name as the female lead of a popular fictional television series Be Strong, Geum-hui (Korean: 굳세어라 금희야).[A]) to hide that she is his employee. Tae-moo bullies and bribes Ha-ri into pretending to be his fiancée in exchange for a payment of 800,000 won per date after his grandfather threatens to send him on countless blind dates. The cash-strapped Ha-ri desperately needs the money to bail out her consistently impecunious parents, so she accepts. During the course of fake dating, Ha-ri uses her new identity alongside a fake background, created for her by Tae-moo and Sunghoon, to make a good first impression on Tae-moo's grandfather. While the relationship starts out frosty and uncomfortable, the couple soon grows closer until Tae-moo finds out Ha-ri's real identity. Despite feeling betrayed, Tae-moo still loves Ha-ri and they lat
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