Metal Gale Panzer - Episode 1 ( Metal Gear Solid x Gun Gale Online x Girls Und Panzer stop motion )

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This stop motion animation series marked another new era for Malva Studio. Due to the space limitation at home ( not enough space for diorama ), and I don't have the ability to own a workshop yet, I decided to do an experiment to create a stop motion animation by taking inspiration from the MCU movies, which is to combine the actors ( action figures in my case ) with CGI background . Episode 2 is still in the making...... Story synopsis : On June 4, 2018, Ankou Team from Ooarai Girls' High School had been held captive by Yeltsa Kcir , a private military company in Airys. The mission of Metal Gale , a team consisting of Llenn , Fukaziroh and Sinon , was to rescue them. During that rescue mission , they would uncover the conspiracy behind the students' capture and face some formidable enemies ...... Full title : Metal Gale Panzer - Episode 1 : Prologue ( Metal Gear Solid x Gun Gale Online x Girls Und Panzer stop motion animation series ) Story inspired by: Metal Gear Solid series by Kojima Hideo Director: Lee Jia Yi Screenwriter: Lee Jia Yi Script Consultant: Wee Liang Chong Animator: Lee Jia Yi Visual Effect Artist: Lee Jia Yi Sound Effect Editor: Lee Jia Yi Production period (For Episode 1): November 14, 2021 - February 7, 2022 Cast: Sinon - Figma Sinon Helicopter pilot - Chap Mei Ninja Enemy Soldier - Figma Gurlukovich Solider Lena - SH Figuarts Vladilena Milizé Llenn - Desktop Army Llenn Other toy(s) involved: Helicopter from Chap Mei Ninja Set JSDF High Mobility Vehicle 1/70 replica by Takara Tomy Voice Actor(s): Vladilena Milizé (Lena) - Microsoft Hiumaan Online (Natural) - Chinese (Hong Kong) Camera used: Logitech C930c Webcam Software used: Dragonframe Adobe After Effect Audacity Sony Vegas Pro Koikatsu Party Music used: Stealth music - Covert by Avery Alexander Stealth music - Urban by Avery Alexander
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