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The Greatest Demon Lord Is Reborn as a Typical Nobody "Complete Series"

48.0K ViewsJan 10, 2023

Valvatos, whose name was engraved in mythology, was the strongest Demon King in history. Weary of his life as a King, he yearns for an ordinary life - an escape from the loneliness caused by his strength. Thus, he reincarnated into a young man named Ard Meteor, born as a typical villager a thousand years later. However, in this reincarnated future, magical civilization is in decline. Magic itself was weakening. It was in this era that Ard entered a Magic Academy with his first friend since childhood, Irina. However, no matter how much he tried to reject being special, he couldn't hide his extraordinary powers. Because of this, there was a ceaseless throng of people who were in awe of him, and who wants to get closer to him. Moreover, the 'demons' who once terrorized the world had also begun to stir. Can the former Demon King live a peaceful and mediocre life that he longed for? A turbulent Heroic School-Fantasy has begun! ———————————————————— 0:00:00 Episode 01:Typical Nobody 0:23:40 Episode 02:Nonstandard 0:47:20 Episode 03:Demon Lord's Play 1:11:00 Episode 04:Duel 1:34:40 Episode 05:The Story of the Lonely King 1:58:20 Episode 06:The Raging Champion 2:22:00 Episode 07:The Festival's Climax 2:45:40 Episode 08:The Masked Man Laughs 3:09:20 Episode 09:God Says 3:33:00 Episode 10:To an Ancient Battlefield 3:56:40 Episode 11:One Who is Resolved 4:20:20 Episode 12:Beyond Determination ————————————————————
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