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The Solitary Castle in the Mirror (Kagami no Kojou) - Official Trailer 2 | AnimeStan

13.2K ViewsNov 16, 2022

"Kagami no Kojou" / "The Solitary Castle in the Mirror" The Movie will start airing on December 23, 2022! Studios: A-1 Pictures Source: Novel Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Mystery Synopsis: Kokoro, a junior high school student who lost her place at school and shut herself up in her room. One day, the mirror in the room suddenly shines, and when you go inside as if you were sucked in, there is a mysterious castle and six strangers junior high school students. Furthermore, a girl wearing a wolf's mask, called "Ookami-sama," appears and says, "If you find the key hidden in the castle, I'll grant you any wish." The term is about 1 year. As they spend time together while looking for the key while being puzzled, they find that they have one thing in common. Little by little, the circumstances of each other's affairs become clear, and the hearts gradually begin to communicate. And just as the castle begins to change into a special place for the seven of them, an event strikes them... Can you find the key? Why were these seven people gathered? What is the wish you can't tell people that each of you has hidden in your heart? When all mysteries are revealed, a miracle beyond imagination awaits— --- AnimeStanアニメスタン
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