Why The Qilin ACTUALLY Bowed To Dumbledore | Harry Potter Film Theory

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    Dec 31, 2022
    I think it should have bowed to Newt or Jacob. Newt because it'd prove that he is just as good hearted on the inside as he shows on the outside. No that there was any doubt, but it'd be so awesome to see that this is why he is so loving and understanding of magical creatures and why they're so receptive. As for Jacob, it would be so cool for the wizards present to see that even a No-maj has value to a creature as prevalent as the Qilin. It'd prove that no matter what anyone says, non magical people are just as valuable as wizards.
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    Hey guys, I'm surprised y'all didn't think of this but I looked at the bow like this: It was confirmation that it wasn't Albus who killed Ariana. As we know, he never recognized it throughout his life. The quilin can see the soul, and if you kill it damages the soul. His soul is intact and whole and pure. Anyways, that's how I saw it. Maybe I'm way off base. Excellent video as always fellas!

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