[Genshin Impact MMD]Phony(フォニイ)[Scaramouche]

23 ViewsNov 11, 2022

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    Nov 12, 2022
    Another amazing video. ^-^ Poor Scaramouche, being forced to live a lie because Ei was too much of a baby to take responsibility for creating life. He probably wandered Inazuma for hundreds of years before the Fatui finally found him and unlocked his memory. Which is why he could introduce himself as "I'm just a vagrant from Inazuma" so naturally. No family, no home, no love. Putting on the superior act to avoid the PTSD of discovering his abandonment. I hope the Tsaritsa is giving him the love and support he should have gotten from his mother at least. I hope the English fandom looks up this song's lyrics to see how well it fits.

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