『 Some Like It Hot 』Genshin Impact AMV x Gintama

11 ViewsJan 24, 2023

Most people who meet Kaedehara Kazuha for the first time might be inclined to assume that he is just a trainee sailor with the Crux Fleet. After all, he is a gentle soul who enjoys reciting poetry when idle, and who speaks to everyone in a leisurely manner. Who could tell that he is a wanted man throughout Inazuma? Credits to: • SPYAIR for the original song~ • 달마발 Darlim&Hamabal for the awesome cover~ • miHoYo & 暗猫の祝福 for the clips. • Yeipanda for some translations. Who knows if it was the storms of life that smoothed out his rough edges, or if his natural restraint has kept his edge sheathed.
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