The Successes and Failures of Sonic Unleashed | 3D Boost Retrospective

146 ViewsNov 14, 2022

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    Sonic Moments
    CreatorNov 15, 2022
    I explain later in the video, but I figured I would pin an explanation for why, sometimes, it looks like you're seeing Generations footage, rather than Unleashed HD footage: For recording my own footage for this video, I used a mod for Generations called The Unleashed Project, which is a recreation of the Unleashed Stages inside Generations. While there are minor differences in the levels at certain points, they are nearly identical. However, the games' physics are different, so it isn't entirely fair to use The Unleashed Project as a way to review this game. Unfortunately, since I have no way to record my own footage on my PS3, I opted to record my own footage using that Generations mod - but I still completed these stages in the original game. So, though the footage is sometimes showing the mod, the basis of my review primarily stems from playing these levels in the original game. Basically, the mod was just used for the sake of recording some of my own footage.

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